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Cybersecurity Breach Prevention Summit 2022

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3 Imperatives for the Modern CyberSec Practitioner

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Cyber Security Solution Showcase 2.0

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Why you should attend?

Why the ABC of Cybersecurity?

In 2022, global cyberattacks increased by 38%. To keep this figure under control, we must improve our understanding of the available cybersecurity solutions. To take it a step further, we’ve created a dynamic webinar series called ABC of Cybersecurity, in which we can revive our knowledge about emerging solutions in the current era from A to Z. A comprehensive resource for A-Z solutions. This one-of-a-kind series for CISOs/CIOs and Cybersecurity includes 26 unique technological solutions that provide a diverse range of information in one place!

Why should you attend?

It provides information on 26 critical cybersecurity solutions ranging from A to Z.

An opportunity for CISOs/CIOs and cybersecurity leaders to revamp and implement solutions from the ground up.

Each session will provide you with all of the information you need in today's world.

Renowned Speakers will walk you through the technical terms of each solution in detail.

Various interactive quizzes and activities will give you the opportunity to win exciting prizes such as a One Plus mobile phone and a bumper prize of a Royal Enfield bike.

21st Jan 2023, Friday AWS 11-12 pm IST
28th Jan 2023, Friday Blockchain 11-12 pm IST
5th Feb 2023, Friday Cloud Security 11-12 pm IST
12th Feb, 2023 DEVSECOPS 11-12 pm IST