Agnidipta Sarkar recently joined ColorTokens Inc. as a Vice President CISO Advisory

We want to express our genuine congratulations to Agnidipta Sarkar on his recent appointment at ColorTokens Inc. We extend our heartfelt wishes for his success and all the endeavours that lie ahead.

About Agnidipta Sarkar –
As a CISO Advisor, he promotes digital resilience and assists enterprises in preparing for the challenges of the digital age. By optimising risk-taking through approaches like zero trust, he has successfully reduced costs, streamlined operations, and facilitated global program transformations. With over 30 years of experience, he has worked in various roles and engaged at the highest levels of organisations, driving the transformation of cybersecurity, business continuity, data privacy, and risk management programs. He approaches challenges with structured analysis, clear communication, and a focus on risk-based improvement.

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About ColorTokens Inc. –
ColorTokens offers an award-winning Xtended ZeroTrust PlatformTM that simplifies, speeds up, and automates your security operations. With our platform, your business gains resilience against cyber threats, ensuring the complete security of each critical asset and protection against any potential risks from anywhere. Our unique Zero Trust approach provides the assurance and confidence of fully safeguarded cloud workloads, dynamic applications, endpoints, and users.

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