CISCO’s $28 Billion Acquisition of Splunk: Reinventing Security in an AI-Driven Era

Cisco has unveiled its plan to acquire Splunk, a leading provider of data analysis and security solutions, in a remarkable $28 billion deal. This move is set to redefine security and resilience in the age of artificial intelligence.

About Cisco and Splunk:

In a game-changing $28 billion deal, global tech leader Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) is acquiring Splunk Inc. (NASDAQ: SPLK), a trusted force in digital security and resilience. Together, they are set to reshape the AI-driven security and observability, simplifying data management, fortifying digital assets, and driving innovation, all while ensuring digital resilience.

Cisco will acquire Splunk for $157 per share in cash, with the deal expected to close by Q3 2024. Gary Steele, Splunk’s CEO, will join Cisco’s executive team.

Cisco and Splunk unite to enhance organizational resilience and shareholder value by aligning Splunk’s AI, security, and observability with Cisco’s offerings. In today’s data-driven world, managing complexities is paramount, and this partnership positions Cisco and Splunk as vital allies. Together, they will efficiently handle, safeguard, and unlock data potential while strengthening digital resilience. This collaboration advances security analytics, comprehensive coverage, and observability in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, ensuring seamless digital experiences and responsible AI application. The merger promises heightened innovation, global influence, and a premier hub for software talent.

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Cisco’s acquisition of Splunk marks a transformative milestone in technology. This partnership will redefine AI-driven security, making organizations more secure and resilient in today’s digital landscape.


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