Discover the Top 10 Manufacturing Industry Trends in 2023

The manufacturing industry is an industry that fulfils the new demands of the consumer. With the newness and innovation, the need for technological advancement is indispensable. Therefore, here are the top 10 Manufacturing Industry Trends in 2023.

1) Focus on Workers– During COVID-19, there was persistent demand for utility products, and somehow the manufacturing industry kept the pace of production. In this scenario, the workers of the industry got protection and safety from Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), the focus on cleanliness and sanitation was reiterated and transparency was created for the supply chain.

2) Use of IoT– The entry of IOT (Internet of Things) in the manufacturing industry has eased the issues of efficiency, production, and new business models and statistics. It was also easy for data to be collected for making policy decisions.

3) 5G and Edge Computing– The use of 5G will help in connecting to IoT technology and also help in collecting and processing data at greater speeds (known as edge computing)

4) Digital Twins– This technology helps establish a digital twin of an existing machine. This is created for understanding the machine, its dimensions, or a duplicate of the machine. It can also be used to envision an entire supply chain. For example, the company Boeing has seen a 40% improvement in the quality of parts. It has helped them in production efficiency improvements.

5) Extended Reality– XR is penetrating almost all fields and the manufacturing sector can leverage it in enhanced product design, planning, and immersive training.

6) Fully Automated Dark factories– Artificial Intelligence has helped in carrying out difficult tasks that were previously reserved for humans. Additionally, there are factories where equipments do it all without the interference of humans, which are known as Dark Factories.

7) Robots and Emergence of Co-bots– The use of robots has not been new. Not all robots are here to replace humans but complement the tasks done by humans. For example, there are robotic exoskeletons that lift heavy parts without compromising their safety and on the other hand, there are collaborative, intelligent robots known as Co-bots that help humans. The presence of these is good for the efficiency of the manufacturing sector.

8) 3D Printing– 3D printing is a new alternative to giant manufacturing units. It will reduce waste, create space, and will be efficient. Furthermore, it will help in making customized products for consumers. It can also help in innovation as it will create rapid prototyping. For example, Airbus was a company that started using 3D printing in its operations.  

9) Predictive Maintenance– This type of maintenance took pre-emptive steps to prevent any equipment damage by connecting to IoT-enabled enterprise assets with advanced analytics. It informed the enterprise about effective and efficient maintenance protocols. For example, the company would get messages about thermal imaging, oil analysis, and other equipment observation.

10) Push Towards Carbon Neutrality– Companies like Maruti Suzuki say that they will continue to work on all technologies that reduce carbon footprint. Carbon Neutrality is a phenomenon where there is a balance between the carbon emissions through factories, and industries and the carbon absorbed by carbon sinks like trees and oceans.

The importance of climate neutrality in the wave of climate change is necessary with the rising population and needs. Therefore, companies need to devise ways in which they go eco-friendly and create a healthy balance. Thus, these are some of the trends that are highlighting finesse in manufacturing and more is yet to be seen as to how manufacturers adapt to these rapid changes.

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