Dr. Mukesh Mehta joins as a Group CTO at Monarch Networth Capital Ltd.

Dr Mukesh Mehta has recently switched his company and joined Monarch Networth Capital Ltd. in June 2022 as a Group CTO. His roles and responsibilities entail leading the technology vertical domain and taking proper initiatives to attend digital information which includes bots, customer service automation, AI/ML led engines and sales.

Prior to his joining Monarch, he worked in Batlivala & Karani Securities India Pvt. Ltd. as CTO-CISO. He is a strategic technology executive with an entrepreneurial mindset that puts forward technological innovations and policies to secure the organization’s competitiveness and profitability. A competent communicator who is also recognized for innovative HCI initiatives and revolutionary innovation. He has a track record of delivering award-winning projects and forging key consensus across numerous business divisions and technical disciplines. Mukesh has worked with the country’s largest brokerage house for over 24 years, rising through the ranks from IT-EDP Manager to CIO.