“Information Technology is no more a support function but a Business Enabler” – says Gaurav Vyas, Head – IT at Jekson Vision.

1. How will you describe your journey in the cybersecurity Industry?

I am Head of IT at Jekson Vision, and my major responsibilities are IT Infra, Business Applications and IT security.

2. Can you describe your current role, and what responsibilities do you undertake?

We need to be updated on daily basis with new technology and solution that is best suitable for our business need, my journey with Cybersecurity is full of excitement and learning, of course with many challenges.

3. How do you stay current with the latest security threats and technologies?

IT is no more a support function but a business enabler, so we need to align with business growth with the help of technology.
We need to keep updating new skills and continuous learning.

4. Can you discuss a time when you had to handle a security incident, and what steps you took to resolve it?

Best way to continuously educate self and the team as well as all other employees in the organization and follow the best practices.

5. If you could make one recommendation to the next generation of cybersecurity leaders, what would it be?

Fortunately, I have not faced such an incident till now and hope for the best… but we should be prepared as a part of the business continuity plan.

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