Ninad Raje has been recently appointed as the Chief Information Officer at Jaquar & Company Pvt. Ltd.

Ninad Raje has been recently appointed as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Jaquar & Company Pvt. Ltd. CXO Junction extends heartfelt congratulations to him on this pivotal role.

About: Ninad Raje

With a distinguished background as an alumnus of both IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad, Ninad emerges as a dynamic and visionary global leadership executive, boasting over 26 years of strategic prowess. Renowned for propelling organizations to exponential growth rates exceeding 20x through innovative technological transformations, Ninad’s expertise extends to driving the 4Ps—People, Performance, Productivity, and Profitability—with unparalleled precision. Having made significant impacts during his tenure in Chicago and Minneapolis, U.S., where he contributed to the multi-million dollar valuations of Fortune 10 companies, Ninad’s influence reverberates globally. Beyond his professional achievements, his passion for adventure sports and exploration is matched only by his reputation as a sought-after thought leader and speaker at international forums, earning him recognition and honors across India, Europe, the Middle East, and SAARC Nations.

About his previous role:

Prior to his current role, Ninad Raje has held pivotal roles at HealthAssure over the past decade, starting as Director & Chief Information Officer, where he launched a healthcare startup, developed a comprehensive tech stack, and achieved notable productivity levels.He led significant company growth, leading strategic initiatives like the acquisition of FitMeIn and implementing dynamic pricing algorithms.As Chief Information & Transformation Officer and Chief People Officer he has driven a holistic business transformation, introduced the On-demand Insta Telemedicine platform, migrated tech infrastructure to AWS, and engineered a seamless integration framework for enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.

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