Praveen Mishra has been recently appointed as the CISO & SVP at Axis Finance Limited.

Praveen Mishra has been recently appointed as the CISO & SVP at Axis Finance Limited. CXO Junction extends heartfelt congratulations to him on this pivotal role.

About:  Praveen Mishra

He is a strategic IT risk & security leader known for designing IT risk frameworks, IT audits and compliance, business continuity assurance, and ISO implementation. With a focus on customer experience, he excels at defining IT security strategies, approving budgets, and implementing risk mitigation solutions. Having progressed from an operation trainee to Head of Control Assurance Services, he has held various roles, including Manager of Corporate Security & Business Continuity and AVP – IB Tech Control Audit. Driven by the ‘Make It Happen’ philosophy, he brings a unique perspective to challenges.

About his previous role:

Before his current role, Praveen Mishra initially served as Deputy Vice President, where he played a pivotal role in overseeing compliance with technology regulations, ensuring adherence to industry standards, and managing regulatory audits. Subsequently, he was promoted to Vice President; in this role, he was responsible for leading the regulatory compliance initiatives, developing and implementing compliance strategies, and providing guidance on regulatory matters to ensure the bank’s technology operations met all legal and regulatory requirements. His tenure at Axis Bank was marked by a commitment to maintaining robust compliance frameworks and fostering a culture of regulatory excellence.

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