Top 10 Most Followed Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) on LinkedIn in India  


India has had excellent IT talent for many years starting from developing consumer apps to robust B2B commercial software products. India has the world’s largest technical talent. A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is one of the highest technology positions in a company that leads the technology department as well as the engineering department. They are responsible for examining the overall needs as well as the short and long-term needs of an organization. The CTOs utilize capital to make investments and directly report to the company’s Chief Information Officer (CEO). They may play the company’s several roles either as a strategic planner or overseer of infrastructure or customer relations liaison. Here’s a list of Top 10 Most Followed CTOs on Linkedin in India you should follow, who has served exceptionally in the technology domain.

  1. Jayendran Venugopal – CTO, Flipkart

31,341 Followers on LinkedIn 

Jayendran Venugopal is associated with Flipkart as a Chief Product and Technology Officer. He has been with Flipkart for about four years. He has over 20 years of experience. He previously served as Flipkart’s Senior Vice President of Product and Engineering. As CTO, he is responsible for leading a group of talented teams in Product Management, Engineering Design, Data Science, IT, Security, and Product Operations. Jeyandran and his team are responsible for developing appropriate user experiences, big data platforms, large-scale systems, and cutting-edge data science applications. 

His Linkedin profile: 

2. Prashant Sharma – CTO, Zydus Group

27,235 Followers on LinkedIn 

Prashant Sharma is Zydus Group’s Chief Technology Officer. He has worked for this company for over 13 years. His responsibilities include overseeing the entire Biologics and API Formulations operations for Zydus Cadila’s entire manufacturing footprint. Prashant is a member of Zydus Group’s senior leadership team. He has led teams in Global HR, Global IT, and Global Supply Chain, achieving benchmark results in Agility, inventory, and delivery. He oversaw the SAP and PRISM implementations. Prashant is determined toward Lean and Six Sigma initiatives.

His Linkedin profile: 

3. Mukund Jha – Co-Founder & CTO, Dunzo

26,737 Followers on LinkedIn 

Mukund Jha is the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Dunzo Daily, a top startup that delivers quality. Machine Learning, Speech Processing, Optimization, and Natural Language Processing are among his specialties. Mukund is in charge of developing and creating Dunzo’s core technology. He transitioned the platform from WhatsApp to an AI and machine learning-powered app. He is an excellent problem solver.

His Linkedin profile: 

4. Alka Selot Asthana – CTO, Bharti Infratel Limited.

25,436 Followers on LinkedIn

Alka Asthana, also known as Alka Selot Asthana, has 23 years of experience in the telecom industry. She is Bharti Infratel Limited’s Chief Technology Officer. Her responsibilities include strategic planning, technology adoption, and innovative design for Smart City implementation. She has worked on cost and OPEX reductions through real-time monitoring and renewable energy solutions. Alka’s areas of interest and involvement include Rural Telecom, Smart City, Housing Infrastructure, Landline networks, Tax, VAS, GSM, CDMA, Data Analysis, Energy Management, and Command Center. Alka Asthana is a Technocrat and Administrator with extensive experience in policy development and strategic business solutions, large-scale project delivery, PAN India Network operations, and achieving consensus among multiple stakeholders. She has always strived to develop new business models.

Her LinkedIn profile: 

5. Ashish Srivastava – CTO, Finance Software and System Private Limited.

22,519 followers on LinkedIn. 

Ashish is the Chief Technology Officer and Managing Director of Finance Software and System Private Limited.Before joining FSS, Ashish was the Chief Technology Officer for the Punjab State Government. He was in charge of the implementation of e-governance programs and digital initiatives.

His Linkedin profile: 

6. Chaitanya Wagh – CTO, Scotia Bank

21,065 followers on LinkedIn 

Chaitanya Wagh is the Chief Technology Officer of Scotia Bank. He has over 28 years of experience in the banking and investment industries. He is the head of Scotia Bank’s Indian business and will oversee the Indian operations. He is in charge of technology operations and oversees an entire team of asset managers, equity brokers, retail sectors such as wealth management and reta trading, and fixed income traders. He has excellent planning skills and develops solutions for team building, project management, and communication skills.

His Linkedin profile: 

7. Ketan Shah – CTO, Systematix Group

 20,352 followers on LinkedIn 

Ketan Shah is the Chief Technology Officer of Systematix Group and has over 20 years of experience in information technology. He has managed complex IT infrastructure, ensuring that IT services are delivered in accordance with service legal agreements, and monitoring the performance of IT systems. Ketan has led IT strategic teams as well as managed projects and portfolio systems involving selection, acquisition, and information systems. He has written corporate plans, standards, and policies, as well as overseen the smooth operation of internal and external audits by IT systems operations. Ketan Shah has kept an appropriate IT organisational structure in place, as well as established operating procedures and IT department goals. He created and oversaw the annual operating and capital budgets for information technology. 

His Linkedin profile:

8.Vivek Agarwal – Co-Founder & CTO of Square Yards 

18,237 followers on Linkedin 

Vivek Agarwal is Square Yards’ Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer, and Chief Technology Officer. Vivek has over 15 years of experience managing global strategic initiatives and collaborating with global corporations such as Nokia, Intel, and Accenture. As an entrepreneur, he has co-founded three more companies, with two successful exits. Vivek has prior experience developing product strategy as well as envisioning the proper execution of service operations and technology development. He has led large global teams and created one of the most innovative real estate transaction platforms, including a broker aggregation platform and a loan and mortgage platform. Vivek has integrated ERP and CRM and has written about global megatrends, business models, products, and service strategies.

His LinkedIn profile: 

9.Rakshit Daga – Chief Product And Technology Officer of Big Basket 

17,026 Followers on LinkedIn 

Rakshitt Daga is the Chief Product and Technology Officer of Big Basket, the largest online grocery store. His responsibilities include leading Big Basket’s tech teams and products. He solves technology and product-related issues, which aids in the optimization of delivery routes, perishable inventory management, and fleet management. He has created a web platform for detecting and scaling fraud. In addition, he is the founder and CEO of the SAAS enterprise software products.

His LinkedIn profile: 

10. P. Ramakrishnan – Executive Director and CTO of DLF Limited 

16, 220 followers on LinkedIn 

P. Ramakrishnan is DLF Limited’s Group Executive Director and Chief Technology Officer. He was previously the Senior Executive Director of DLF. Negotiations, Project Management, Business Development, Market Research, and Contract Management are among his specialties.

His Linkedin profile:  

Note- On the basis of an intern’s research we’ve compiled a list of top 10.

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