Most Influential CISOs from the Top 10 Companies – BFSI Industry

The Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance (BFSI) industry is a dynamic and ever-evolving sector that plays a pivotal role in the global economy. Innovation, digital transformation, and data-driven decision-making have become key drivers of success in this industry. The BFSI sector encompasses a wide range of services, including banking operations, insurance products, investment management, and risk assessment. Additionally, cybersecurity and data privacy have become critical focus areas, as protecting sensitive financial information and ensuring regulatory compliance are paramount. As the industry continues to evolve, professionals in BFSI must possess a combination of financial expertise, technological acumen, and regulatory knowledge to navigate the challenges and seize opportunities in this dynamic landscape.
The following list comprises the top 10 most influential CISO’s from BFSI Industry.

1. Jitendra Sharma – He is an experienced Assistant Vice President (AVP) in the field of Information Security, with a proven track record in the information technology and services industry. His expertise lies in service delivery, CCIP (Cisco Certified Internetwork Professional), and IT service management.His dedicated and genuine approach to his role, coupled with his extensive knowledge in the field of information security, is unparalleled. He pays meticulous attention to strategic initiatives in information security and possesses exceptional expertise in network security, endpoint security, cloud security, and other emerging areas of information security product evaluation and strategic planning. Visit Mr. Jitendra Sharma’s LinkedIn Profile –

2. Sameer Ratolikar – He brings a remarkable level of intensity, unwavering commitment, and boundless energy to the field of risk management, security, and associated domains. His profound technical knowledge, coupled with his astute insights into enterprise operations and extensive expertise in various processes, positions him as an exceptionally potent and triumphant leader. His ability to instill confidence and provide reassurance to enterprise leadership and stakeholders is unparalleled, making him a highly influential and trusted figure in the industry. Visit Mr. Sameer Ratolikar’s LinkedIn Profile –

3. Tejas Mulay – With two decades of diverse international experience in Information Security, Cyber Security, and IT Governance, he possess expertise in effectively managing and leading teams for the seamless execution of IT projects encompassing areas such as Information Security, Cybersecurity, Information Security Governance, Regulatory IT Compliance, IT Infrastructure, and Datacenter Management. He excels at analyzing information system requirements, evaluating end-user needs, designing tailored solutions, and troubleshooting complex information systems management challenges. His specialties include IT Infrastructure Management, Datacenter Management, IT Governance, Information Security, Cyber Security, and Cloud Security. Visit Mr. Tejas Mulya’s LinkedIn Profile –

4. Rajesh Thapar – He is a seasoned Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) with a proven track record in the banking industry. His expertise lies in ISO 27001, IT strategy, management, pre-sales, and management information systems (MIS). As a highly proficient information technology professional, He holds a strong academic background with a focus on Information Technology He consistently advocates for and delivers security solutions that are seamlessly integrated into the business environment. He understands the importance of striking a balance between these two domains and ensures that one is not compromised at the expense of the other. Visit Mr. Rajesh Thapar’s LinkedIn Profile –

5. Biju k – He is a seasoned professional in the banking industry, specializing in the roles of Head of Operational Risk and Information Security. His expertise lies in effectively managing operational risk and ensuring robust information security measures. Proficient in various areas including banking operations, customer relationship management, management information systems, and project management. He brings a strong finance background to the table, enabling him to navigate the complexities of the banking industry with confidence and competence. Visit Mr. Biju K’s LinkedIn Profile –

6. Abhishek Bansal – He is a professional with a background in Regulatory & Compliance Management, Policy Advocacy, and Strategic Planning. He is an exceptionally talented professional who possesses great critical thinking skills and consistently generates innovative and unconventional solutions. His work is marked by a profound sense of passion and dedication as he wholeheartedly applies himself to every task at hand, ensuring that results are achieved to the utmost satisfaction of all involved. Furthermore, he demonstrates unwavering commitment and reliability, and his impeccable integrity is beyond reproach. Visit Mr. Abhishek Bansal’s LinkedIn Profile –

7. Manoj Nayak – He is a seasoned Information Security Manager with a proven track record in the insurance industry. His expertise lies in various areas of information technology, including Data Center management, Vendor Management, Risk Management, ISO 27001 compliance, and IT Audit. As a strong professional in the field, he brings a wealth of experience and skills to ensure effective information security practices within the industry. Visit Mr. Manoj Nayak’s LinkedIn Profile –

8. Ajaykumar K R – He is a highly experienced Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) and a seasoned IT professional with over 23 years of expertise. His knowledge spans across multiple domains, including Banking, Banking Delivery Channels, Software Development, and IT Security. He has been recognized with various accolades for his contributions in IT product innovation and successful implementation. Notably, he has represented Vijaya Bank at SIBOS 2012 in Osaka, Japan, and attended Cyber Week 2017 in Israel as a member of the Indian Team. In 2017, He has received prestigious awards such as the top 100 CISO, information maestro award, CISO of the year national award from SKOCH Group, and the Best CISO of the year award from the Computer Society of India. Visit Mr. AjayKumar K R’s LinkedIn Profile –

9. Ashutosh J – With over two decades of experience, he has established himself as a highly skilled professional in the field of Technology Security and Information Risk. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated expertise in areas such as Risk Management, IT Security, Financial Risk, and Banking. His extensive knowledge and practical application of these disciplines have been cultivated through hands-on experiences at multiple multinational banks and financial institutions, operating at various levels, both regionally and globally. He brings a deep understanding of the complexities and challenges inherent in these domains. His unwavering commitment to excellence and continuous learning has enabled him to stay at the forefront of industry best practices and emerging trends, making him a trusted leader in the field. Visit Mr. Ashutosh J’s LinkedIn Profile –

10. Gunjan Mody – With a wealth of experience in the field of cyber risk, he is a senior professional specializing in Information Security Management, Risk Management, Compliance, Enterprise Risk Management, Network Security, and Consulting. His expertise is underscored by his Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification, which demonstrates his in-depth knowledge and proficiency in the industry. Throughout his career, he has consistently demonstrated a strong commitment to ensuring the security and resilience of organizations by effectively managing information security risks and implementing robust security measures. With his broad skill set and extensive experience, he is well-equipped to navigate complex security challenges and provide strategic guidance to safeguard critical assets. Visit Mr. Gunjan Mody’s LinkedIn Profile –