Shilpa Konkar has been appointed as the Data Protection Officer and General Manager at State Bank of India

Shilpa Konkar has been recently appointed as the Data Protection Officer and General Manager at State Bank of India (SBI). CXO Junction extends heartfelt congratulations to her on this pivotal role.

About: Shilpa Konkar (Jabde):

With a wealth of experience spanning an impressive 17 years, Shilpa Konkar brings a diverse background in Banking, Insurance, Manufacturing, and Consulting services. Her expertise covers a multitude of domains in Information and Cyber security, showcasing her proficiency in Network Security, Security Services consulting and Administration, Security Operations Center Management, IT Security and Internal controls, Risk Management, Application Security, Audit and compliance, Governance, and leading Security functions as a Chief Information Security Officer.

About her previous role:

Prior to her current role at SBI, Shilpa Konkar has made significant contributions to renowned financial organizations, including FAB and HDFC. Her extensive experience and leadership roles highlight her commitment to enhancing cybersecurity measures and ensuring robust internal controls within the industry. As the financial landscape continues to evolve, Shilpa’s proven track record and expertise position her as a key player in navigating the complex landscape of data protection and cybersecurity.

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