The chief information officer (CIO) manages an IT organization’s people, processes, and technologies to ensure they meet the company’s objectives. As digital becomes a core competency, the CIO plays a critical role in strategic, technical, and management initiatives that mitigate threats and drive business growth. CIO oversees activities ranging from information security and algorithms to customer experience and data leveraging. Below is the compiled list of Top 10 Most Followed CIOs on Linkedin in India which is composed of individuals who have built versatile personalities throughout their careers.

Prasanna Lohar – VP Technology, DCB Bank

51,403 Followers on LinkedIn

Prasanna Lohar is associated with DCB Bank as VP-IT. He has 18+ Years of Experience as a Technologist & Innovator who has delivered rock-solid software solutions for industry-leading enterprises with lean & agile teams. Prasanna Lohar is a Technical Architect with a view in articulation & decision-making skills to choose from one of the multiple technologies in the presentation, integration, service layers, and operating platforms. He is also a Professional Banker having experience in Digital, Innovation Strategies, and Speaker at the Industry level Panel & BFSI with recognition in TOP 50 INFLUENTIAL LEADER, TOP 20 BFSI LEADERSHIP, and with much more emerging categories. Tap on the Link to know more about Prasanna Lohar.

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Irshad Saifi Director IT and Digitization, Shardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co.

27,398 Followers on LinkedIn

Irshad Saifi is a C-level executive with over 21 years of global enterprise technology experience, managed a $100+million global budget, lead global teams spread out in all three continents of fortune 10/100/500 companies in multiple industries such as Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, BFSI, Healthcare, IT/ITES, and Professional Consulting Firm. He is a strong IT leader with functional, transformation & business strategist acumen, he helped fortune 500 companies solve their complex business problems using technology. He has successfully led digital transformation initiatives globally in the last 10 years, which helped companies to gain a competitive advantage, increase revenue and decrease costs. He has considerable experience in setting up successful technology governance, defining strategies and roadmap, and the ability to get it executed in different economic and organizational environments. Read more about Irshad Saifi.

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Atul Bhatia – CIO, Radico Khaitan Ltd

26,416 Followers on LinkedIn

Atul Bhatia is a  renowned technology leader having over 23 years of expertise in directing and planning technology roadmaps. Being a CIO of Radico Khaitan Limited he oversees IT strategies, High-performance technological solutions, project management, security control implementation, and IT infrastructures also handle operations and possesses a track record of success in Inspiring and delivering. Bhatia has the ability to use technology effectively and affordably to handle company problems. With an exciting career in management, business consulting, relationship building, and change management he is a skilled motivator.

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Ashok Cherian – CIO, Page Industries Ltd.

20,589 Followers on LinkedIn

Ashok Cherian is associated with Page Industries Ltd. as a CIO. He believes in digital business transformation and has succeeded across a range of industries, including core FMCG, consumer goods, and business-oriented IT leadership domains for products, building supplies, manufacturing, clothes, trading, and retail. The process excellence strategy enabled him to spearhead organizational transformation and change which has also fulfilled his long-standing desire to solve a variety of business problems. In addition to serving 14 years as CIO, Ashok has more than 26 years of experience managing digital strategy, planning, operations, infrastructures, security, and business. Know more about Ashok Cherian.

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Mayur Danait – CIO, Pidilite Industries Ltd.

20,569 Followers on LinkedIn

Mayur Danait is associated with Pidilite Industries Ltd. as a CIO. Mayur is a business IT transformation executive with 25+ years of global corporate experience in a medium to large multi-national companies spanning multiple industries like Consumer Electronics, Paints, Consumer Goods, and Pharma. He is a leader with a proven ability to build and execute IT strategy and technology roadmaps. He has successfully led multi-year, multi-geography global enterprise initiatives. Mayur believes in the potential of technology to create a large-scale impact on business outcomes. His in-depth understanding of business and technology enables him to build strong partnerships with senior executives and strategic technology partners. Connect with Mayur Danait on the link below.

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Bhavesh Lakhani – Firstsource Solutions Ltd.

20,155 Followers on LinkedIn

Bhavesh Lakhani is associated with Firstsource Solutions Ltd. as a CIO. He is a progressive technology leader with 23 years of global experience working with banking and financial services organizations. History of successful transformation leveraging existing and emerging technologies and directing strategies to develop leading-edge products, optimize operations, directly impacting top and bottom line. Bhavesh has deep expertise in business management strengthened by his hands-on technical experience. His areas of expertise include Technology Leadership, Digital Strategy & Transformation, Software Engineering & Delivery, and much more, Connect with Bhavesh Lakhani on the link below.

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Anjani Kumar – CIO, Strides

18,961 Followers on LinkedIn

Anjani Kumar is associated with Strides as a CIO. Anjani is a distinguished business transformation Leader specialized in driving digital agenda for B2C, B2B as well as for hybrid global enterprises. Top industry analysts have credited him with transforming an industry and not just the organization. He brings in wholistic CXO experience by covering strategy & operations (Nissan and Safexpress) as well as P&L for products and services (IBM). He has been awarded top global accolades and featured in top media publications as Digital Futurist and transformation leader (IDC, CNBC, The Economic Times, Financial Express, Mint, Indian Express, DataQuest, IDG – CIO 100 & 9.9Media). Connect with Anjani Kumar on the link below.

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Ramanathan Sivasubramaniam – CIO, NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation)

18,730 Followers on LinkedIn

Ramanathan Sivasubramaniam is associated with NTTF (Nettur Technical Training Foundation as a CIO. Ramanathan is an experienced strategist, delivering consistent results in a changing world with innovative marketing and operations throughout his career, He has established a reputation as a transformational sales and marketing executive with robust experience fostering organizational growth through exceptional global sales and marketing operations, leveraging technical expertise to meet key business needs. Ramanathan oversees directing all facets of business operations, from global sales and marketing strategies to P&L management, regulatory compliance, financial management, HR, and enterprise-level innovation, consistently leveraging infrastructure planning and resource forecasting to achieve overarching institutional objectives. He also has an extensive history of improving sales and marketing operations through innovative automation strategies, including Eloqua marketing automation and SFDC CRM automation.

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Suresh Iyer – CIO, Blue Star Ltd.

18,277 Followers on LinkedIn

A digitally charged IT professional, Suresh Iyer focuses on leveraging the opportunities presented by today’s digital platforms for enriching and enhancing the businesses he serves. His approach is based on the premise that data will be key to unlocking the true potential of an organization, and in creating competitive advantages and enabling innovation. Currently, as CIO of Blue Star Ltd., he orchestrates a number of transformational initiatives to deliver end-to-end digitalization encompassing Blue Star’s ecosystem of products, customers, dealers and suppliers using technologies such as M2M, Internet of Things, Cloud, Mobility, Bots, RPA, Machine Learning and Analytics. In this process, he has rebuilt the digital core and developed the digital capabilities of the organization. Know more about Suresh Iyer.

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Vivek Manilal Dharia – CIO, KNP Securities Pvt. Ltd.

16,654 Followers on LinkedIn

Vivek Dharia is associated with India’s KNP SECURITIES PVT. LTD. as a CIO. His major Functional Areas includes Telecom, IT Hardware, Technical Support, and Staff CIO. Vivek Dharia has over 25 years of network experience across numerous businesses, in the IT sector. Connect with Vivek Dharia on the link mentioned below.

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