Dubai’s Top 20 Most Followed Chief Information Officer (CIOs) on LinkedIn

In the rapidly evolving digital transformation landscape, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) role has become increasingly pivotal.

These tech visionaries steer their organizations toward innovation and influence the broader technology ecosystem with their insights and leadership.

Several CIOs have emerged as influential voices in a dynamic hub like Dubai, which is renowned for its forward-thinking approach and embrace of cutting-edge technology. Their extensive experience, strategic foresight, and thought leadership have garnered them substantial followings on LinkedIn, making them prominent figures in the tech community.

In this blog, we will spotlight the Top 20 Most-followed CIOs in Dubai, exploring their professional journeys, key achievements, and invaluable contributions to the tech industry.

1. Nikhil Chaturvedi – CIDO, LIBERTY Steel Group

19,929 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Primary Metal

He is an industry leader with 27 years of experience in various industries, including oil & gas, energy, chemicals, mining & metals, process manufacturing, and ports. He has received 17 awards in 2019–21, including Top Talent, 2 Most Valuable Player Awards, and 7 Appreciate Awards. He has also received the annual “Excellence Award” for 2012 performance and the Partner Excellence Award from Cisco. He has extensive experience in the digital transformation and integrated technology transformation of energy resources and manufacturing organizations. He has also worked with CXOs and LoB leaders on IT strategy, technology projects, and change management programs. He has also served as a member of the Board of Directors for two group companies and is responsible for IT/technology strategy, program and project management, maintenance, and vendor management.

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2. Sebastian Samuel – CIO, AW Rostamani Group

18,715 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Motor Vehicle Manufacturing

He is a technology leader with a strong business instinct, delivering business value through efficient use of technology and innovation. He has worked with board members and C-levels for over two decades, managing technology transitions, integrations, carve-outs, mergers, and acquisitions. He has designed and implemented a 100% cloud-native technology architecture for a large conglomerate with multiple lines of businesses, including automotive, real estate, retail, logistics, transportation, and manufacturing. He has over a decade of experience in managing multi-cloud environments with various cloud flavors, delivering innovative business services. He is a speaker, volunteer, and trusted advisor for the technology community in the region. His expertise includes automotive, real estate, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, retail, corporate performance management, human capital management, mergers and acquisitions, and IT strategy.

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3. Arun Tewary – CIO, Alpine Group

16,910 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Apparel & Fashion

He is a highly skilled IT transformation professional with a proven track record of directing multiple initiatives simultaneously. He has experience in creating new business lines, executing new IT operating models, and implementing technology plans. He has served as a board member for multiple groups and councils and has demonstrated the ability to create global digital business platforms, implement intelligent hybrid models, and deploy SAP, JD Edwards, and other ERP systems. He has also been recognized for his ability to establish data analytics platforms, save 20% operating costs, and ensure the largest SAP implementation in the Middle East.

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4. Subodh Dubey – Group CIO, Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group

16,073 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry: International Trade and Development

He is a seasoned digital CIO with 25 years of experience, currently serving as Group CIO at Easa Saleh Al Gurg Group. He specializes in IT strategy execution, digital transformation, and managing advanced technology solutions such as AI, IoT, cloud, and analytics. He holds a Global CIO Certification from ISB Hyderabad and is an active startup mentor and angel investor. In his role, he drives the company’s digital agenda, enhances operational efficiencies, and fosters innovation. His mission is to leverage his expertise to empower businesses to achieve their strategic goals and vision through the effective use of technology.

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5. Thomas Cherian – CIO, Commercial Bank of Dubai

15,119 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry: Banking

He is skilled in developing and implementing innovative technology initiatives, ensuring maximum value and return on investment. He has experience scaling up the bank’s sales and distribution platform, enhancing IT services, and collaborating with the leadership team to define corporate or enterprise technology strategies. He has contributed to developing business applications for future growth and maintaining strong relationships with peers and partners. As Head of Technology at Mashreq, he leads the transformation of the business using modern technology stacks, working with key stakeholders and customers. He has specialties in digital solution delivery, program and portfolio management, team building, and tech and fintech partnerships.

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6. Mohamad Sabah Al Khalaf – Group CIO, Dubai Holding

14,688 Followers on Linkedin

Industry: Financial Services

With over 23 years of experience in a multinational investment conglomerate, he is a visionary IT leader with a proven track record of delivering business solutions, and driving innovation, digital transformation, and data analytics. He has developed IT and cybersecurity strategies, implemented budget controls, and promoted growth. His core competencies include digital transformation, data analytics, cloud computing, smart cities, IoT, real estate solutions, information management, and business solutions. He also excels in senior leadership, information auditing, governance, and information security management.

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7. Ramandeep Singh Virdi – CIO/CDO, Americana Restaurants

13,566 Followers on Linkedin

Industry: Food and Beverage Services

He is an accomplished professional with 22 years of experience across various business domains, including retail, airline, travel, R&D, hotels, BPO, and products. He has worked with industry leaders like InterGlobe Enterprises Group, vCustomer & RampGreen, Perfexa Solutions, HACE India, and Makalu Consulting Engineers. Ramandeep excels in setting up and scaling digital and IT functions, creating well-integrated digital IT infrastructures, and achieving organizational objectives. His key competencies include solution architecture, engineering, project management, IT infrastructure, systems administration, IT strategy planning, business alignment, risk mitigation, governance, IT security, leadership development, and team management.

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8. Hany Sayed – Group CIO, D&B Properties

13,293 Followers on Linkedin

Industry: Real Estate

He is an expert in digital business development, sales, marketing, and public speaking, boasting 16 years of experience in IT and cloud computing. Specializing in cloud economics, implementation, and services, he holds ITIL certifications and has a background in server infrastructure, communication, messaging, and private cloud. His slogan, “Get Ready for the Better World,” reflects his commitment to leveraging innovative cloud solutions for a brighter future. As a thought leader, his extensive knowledge and passion for technology drive digital transformation and advancements in the industry.

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9. Hashim Saeed – CIO, Confidential

12,773 Followers on Linkedin

He is a senior IT leader with a distinguished 20-year career in IT solutions and services, blending technical expertise with leadership acumen to deliver outstanding results. Holding an MSc in Strategic Business & Information Systems, along with ITIL, Project Management, and CISM certifications, He is both a strategic thinker and detail-oriented professional. As the current Group Head of IT at a multi-billion dollar company in the UAE, he heads digital transformation and automation initiatives. Known for his commitment to efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and quality, he has earned multiple awards for his contributions and remains highly focused on adding value to the organizations he serves.

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10. Ahmad Yahya – CIO/COO, American Hospital Dubai

11,443 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – Hospitals and Healthcare

With over 20 years of global experience, he is a senior healthcare technology and operations professional who excels in driving business growth, transforming processes, and implementing cutting-edge technology solutions. A dynamic leader and team builder, he combines entrepreneurial spirit with extensive experience in managing large departments. His strong interpersonal skills enable him to effectively lead diverse teams and foster collaborative environments. His expertise in healthcare technology and operations positions him as a key player in achieving organizational success and innovation in the industry.

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11. Dr. Lenish Kannan – CIO, Western International Group

11,409 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – Consumer Goods

He is the CIO at Western International Group, where he directs IT strategy, operations, and transformation across a diverse portfolio of over 30 business entities spanning the GCC and India. With more than 20 years of experience, he has a proven track record in implementing ERP systems, business intelligence solutions, and IT security frameworks. His expertise extends to SAP, Oracle, Power BI, Microsoft Dynamics, Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, and cloud computing. Certified in ITIL, PMP, and network-centered computing, he is currently pursuing a doctorate in AI, emphasizing his commitment to cutting-edge technology and innovation. He is dedicated to driving value, efficiency, and career development.

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12. Abid Shah – Group CIO, Saudi German Hospitals Group UAE

11,234 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – Hospitals and Healthcare

He is the Group CIO of Saudi German Hospital Group UAE, leading technology strategy and solutions for the region’s largest healthcare provider. With over 20 years of experience, he has successfully delivered innovative digital transformation projects that enhance operational efficiency, elevate customer satisfaction, and drive business growth. He has a background in managing technology functions for Tier 1 construction and consulting firms, leveraging advanced technologies such as IoT, AI, Machine Learning, and Data Analytics. He is passionate about mentoring technology startups and leveraging technology for both business transformation and societal benefit, making him a visionary leader in healthcare technology innovation.

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13. Mario Foster – Group CIO, Al Ghurair Group

11,165 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – Investment Management

He is the Group CIO at Al Ghurair Group, responsible for driving transformative IT initiatives. He leads the implementation of a new IT Operating Model and develops forward-thinking IT strategies that align with organizational goals. His expertise spans complex IT transformations, innovative solutions in information security and infrastructure, and the integration of advanced technologies like RPA, AI, IoT, and 3D printing. Recognized with awards such as the Global CIO Legend and CIO Catalyst Awards, he celebrated for his contributions to enhancing operational efficiency and fostering business growth through scalable and cost-effective technology solutions at Al Ghurair Group.

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14. Hisham (Fathy) Hassan – CIO, MAS Consulting

10,842 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – IT Services and IT Consulting

He is a senior technology and telco executive with a Master’s Degree in Business Information Technology, currently serving as Program Director at Ericsson. He brings a wealth of experience in leading complex programs, building high-performing teams, developing technology strategies, managing budgets, driving change, overseeing services transitions, and establishing robust information security functions. He has a strong track record of successfully delivering projects across the MENA Region, underpinned by excellent commercial acumen, communication prowess, and leadership skills. His expertise and strategic vision contribute significantly to his operations and advancements in telecommunications technology.

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15. Shabeer Mohammed – CIO, GEMS Education

10,781 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – Education Administration Programs

With over 25 years of experience in global IT management, he has expertise in cybersecurity, intelligent process automation, and multi-cloud computing for Fortune 500 organizations. He has worked in various industries, including banking, financial services, telecom, and education. He has managed technical environments, led large teams, and reduced operating costs. His passion lies in building talent and driving sustainable business growth. His experience includes technology transformation, cost-saving measures, robotic process automation, IT infrastructure operations, and cybersecurity programs. He prioritizes projects, implements IT governance standards, and works closely with colleagues to evaluate solutions.

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16. Vishal Kapil – Group CIO, GMG

10,525 Followers on Linkedin

Industry – Retail

He is a leader passionate about digital and tech transformation, currently serving on the Group Executive Leadership Team, where he heads enterprise and consumer-centric technology functions. With extensive experience in technology leadership, change management, and business transformation across diverse industries, he brings a unique blend of cultural sensitivity and an execution-driven mindset to his role. Committed to customer-centric values and promoting work-life balance, he continues to drive innovation and operational excellence, playing a crucial role in shaping strategic initiatives within his organization.

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17. Jayakumar Mohanachandran – Group CIO, Buzeki Enterprises Ltd.

10,616 Followers on Linkedln

Industry – Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain and Storage

He is a prominent figure in the realm of technology and business leadership, celebrated as a dynamic cloud evangelist and technologist with a wealth of global corporate experience. His expertise spans innovative organizational strategies, process optimizations, and cutting-edge technological advancements, particularly in cloud and digital transformations. His career is marked by successful engagements in strategic outsourcing, restructuring initiatives, and build-to-outsource projects, demonstrating his strategic foresight. Notably, he has been recognized three times as CIO of the Year within the GCC, underscoring his exceptional leadership, significant impact on advancing technology standards, and business excellence in the region.

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18. Tony Abi-Khalil – CIO, NEXtCARE

9,810 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry – Insurance

He is the CIO and key member of the NEXtCARE Executive Committee in Dubai, UAE, bringing over 20 years of expertise in digital transformation, IT management, and organizational leadership across diverse industries including healthcare, insurance, FMCG, banking, and consulting. His strategic focus centers on optimizing company operations through best IT practices, enhancing IT system functionalities and streamlining administrative procedures across the GCC and MEA regions. With an MBA and a BSc in Business Computer, he leverages his comprehensive skill set to drive innovation and efficiency, contributing significantly to NEXtCARE’s success and growth.

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19. Dr. John (Visak) Cherian – CIO, SuperSonic Imagine

8,475 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry – Medical Equipment Manufacturing

He brings over 20+ years of experience in information technology, showcasing expertise as a global IT professional across domains such as business partnering, IT finance, operations, architecture, and more. As Head of IT, he has effectively led international teams, delivering exceptional results in line with organizational goals. His skills encompass strategic planning and execution, technical proficiency, risk management/BCP, and a strong customer orientation. He excels in building and managing global teams across regions, leveraging extensive business acumen. Throughout his career, he has successfully implemented technologies, including ERP systems, virtualization, cloud processes, and automation tools to enhance operational efficiency.

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20. Imad Taha – Group CIO, Belhasa International CO LLC.

7,907 Followers on LinkedIn

Industry – Construction

He is a dynamic and results-driven professional with a strong focus on integrating IT solutions to drive business growth and efficiency. He excels in ITIL, IT management, customer-centric IT services, project management, and information security, demonstrating a keen ability to align IT initiatives with business goals. With expertise in business process engineering, call centers, IT strategy planning, and problem-solving, he is known for his strategic vision and effective communication, negotiation, and emotional intelligence skills. He is proficient in process definition, change management, and ensuring security for both IT and non-IT domains, making him a versatile and influential leader in his field.

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