Securing Your Enterprises Critical Assets by Seeing Attacks before they happen”-An Exclusive Roundtable Discussion by CXO Junction in Association with XM Cyber and KGreen Consulting and Technologies.

Data represents the most formidable weapon, and every essential element in software and systems is invaluable to the world. Recently, CXO Junction hosted an In-person Roundtable Discussion in association with XM Cyber and KGreen Consulting and Technologies in Mumbai at a premium location over a dinner. The audience joined the intriguing discussion on the topic “Securing Your Enterprises Critical Assets by Seeing Attacks before they happen.” To explain this crucial topic in detail and present the essentials of today’s enterprise’s critical assets, we had esteemed experts like Mark Simmons, Global Director, GSI, XM Cyber, and Yogesh Valunjkar, CEO, KGreen Consulting and Technologies and the discussion was moderated by Gaurav Batra, Founder & CEO, CyberFrat. The event was marked by guest appearances of Industry Leaders from Scotia Bank, TJSB Bank, Yes Bank, & many other renowned organizations.

About The Discussion

Data is the most powerful weapon, and all the critical assets in systems and software are indispensable for the world. Vast amounts of data are generated every minute. The identification, storage, protection, and prevention of critical assets and cloud security from internal and external threats in enterprises is the task of CISO (Chief Information Security Officer), and devising ways to handle them is the new world protection. In absence of security systems and protocols, critical assets can be lost, enterprise operations can be blocked. Loss of uncompromisable data to cyber criminals can

  • Jeopardize growth
  • Affect internal strategic decision-making
  • Cause high emotional stress
  • Waste resources
  • And, financial losses.

The role of CISOs becomes intrinsic when cybercriminals –

  • Get access to critical assets for some information
  • Want data for identity theft
  • Demand ransom in exchange for lost data

The discussion had XM Cyber lay out an attack path management platform that can help in identifying risks and providing clear guidance for the safety and security of critical asset management. To know more about data and cloud security, visit XM Cyber and KGreen Consulting and Technologies.

XM Cyber– It is a Schwarz Group Company which is a leading hybrid cloud security company that is changing the way innovative organizations approach cyber risk. For more information, visit XM Cyber Website-

KGreen Consulting and Technologies Pvt. Ltd– KGreen is an expert in Cybersecurity, Data Security & Digital Transformation from BFSI Industry. They associate with niche products and services from Global Leaders to suffice regulatory compliance and ensure a secured framework for customers. For more information, visit KGreen Website-

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