“Emotional intelligence is crucial in today’s world and should be a priority for all leaders, as it goes beyond just cybersecurity.”- says Shivani Arni, Head Information Security – ISO at Transunion CIBIL.

#cxoaspect – A series of interviews with #CXOs to learn and understand diverse aspects related to their leadership and handling of multiple roles/responsibilities. This time, we are pleased to know about the journey of Shivani Arni in cybersecurity. She has contributed towards cybersecurity and has set a remarkable working style. We are pleased to know her thoughts on a few set of questions.

1. How will you describe your journey in the cybersecurity Industry?

Being in Information Security has always been a goal since college. To fulfil this goal I started as a technical call centre analyst and moved in the Info Sec. I have had a very interesting and a positive journey and achieved what I really had planned. ( I know not everyone has this experience, I would say it worked for me). Analyst to CISO was a fantastic journey.

2. Can you describe your current role, and what responsibilities do you undertake?

At Transunion CIBIL, I am incharge of managing information security for all assets that Transunion has in India. Transunion CIBIL being the primary data source consisting of India’s leading Consumer, Commercial and Microfinance Credit bureaus.

3. How do you stay current with the latest security threats and technologies?

First thing I do before opening my emails is to read the latest news on cyber security on various forums on WhatsApp I am a part of like the CyberFrat group. Have subscribed to a few websites which give me a daily feed on the latest trends in security. The next step is to list down my to do’s for the day and keep that minimal to a maximum of 8 so that there is no disappointment of not being able to close it by end of the day.

4. Can you discuss a time when you had to handle a security incident, and what steps you took to resolve it?

For handling a security incident it is always important to keep it calm and take actions. It’s always important to have both technical and governance capabilities to be inbuilt in a leader while handling a security incident.

5. If you could make one recommendation to the next generation of cybersecurity leaders, what would it be?

Emotional intelligence is something which plays a BIG role in today’s world is something which I would recommend to all the leaders and it is not limited to cybersecurity.

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