Top 10 Most Followed Chief Revenue Officers (CROs) on Linkedin in India

Chief revenue officers are company executives who are in charge of overseeing the organization’s revenue and driving revenue-generating initiatives. Their primary goal is to develop and implement strategies that will increase business, increase sales, and broaden the client base. They set sales and revenue goals and then implement plans and initiatives to ensure the organisation meets those goals. They direct efforts to form new strategic alliances, strengthen existing relationships, and identify opportunities for expansion into promising new markets.

We have compiled a list of 10 CROs who has worked exceptionally and has most followers on Linkedin with a great personality.

Nikhil Mittal

Followers- 31,300 

Nikhil Mittal is associated with Skill-Lync as a CRO. He is an Expert in handling marketing and consulting projects with the goal of improving overall customer experience of the organization. An experienced professional in customer value management, marketing consulting, online marketing, and product management in the industry. Which also  are some of his specialties. In his  Current Role as a CRO he is accountable for the organization’s overall revenue, growth, CM1, CM2, and CM3. Previously in Skill-Lync, he was associated as Head of Growth before being promoted to CRO position. Nikhil is also an advisor to several startups.

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Vikas Kumar

Followers- 28,553

Vikas Kumar is an accomplished IT executive and business leader associated with Marlabs Inc. as a CRO. Over the last 25+ years of his career, Vikas has held several leadership responsibilities across both Product and Services organizations, across multiple geographies. An avid enthusiast in identifying and accelerating Growth Opportunities for global ventures while incubating a culture of IP, research & innovation.

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Priyanka Khanna

Followers- 24,106

At Shivaami, Priyanka began as a Google Apps Consultant, where her responsibilities included demonstrating to customers how to migrate to cloud platforms and the numerous cost and digital benefits that come with it. Her responsibilities and liabilities have evolved over time, She is also  am in charge of digital marketing, sales, and client retention. She is also expert  in handling end-to-end operations, partner and channel sales management, and SMB, corporate, and enterprise business in India and the United States. She has nearly two decades of experience and also skilled in talent identification and team development. 

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Abhishek Chandra

Followers- 14,083

Abhishek Chandra is associated with GoKwik as a CRO, A seasoned professional with 12+ years of experience in Leadership Roles. He has proven track
record of building multimillion dollar Businesses from scratch through strategic Initiatives on
Product Development, Market Research, Sales and Business Development.

As Chief Revenue Officer he is responsible for:
1. Developing growth strategies with the executive team and board of directors.
2. Ensuring performance, strategy and alignment of the organization’s revenue-generating streams and departments.
3. Leverage Sales and Marketing to drive growth.

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Kesava Reddy

Followers- 11,418 

Kesava Reddy is associated with E2E Networks Limited as a CRO, he is an expert professional in helping enterprises choose the right cloud technology for their digital initiatives. Scalability, Stability and Security is his mantra, with an eye on cost optimisation. He has worked with various organizations and has served nearly 3 decades in IT domain.

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Arpan Divanjee

Followers- 11,272 

Arpan Divanjee is associated with Global Alumni as a CRO and has 13+ years of hands-on experience developing and implementing Growth Strategies, Digital Marketing plans, and product strategies for a variety of global companies. He had always been a part of startups, and had a lot of experience scaling from 0 to 1 and then from 1x to 10x. Worked in startups that were bootstrapped, seed funded, and Series A-D funded. In addition to this, he has worked for a company and increased it’s revenue by 50 times. He was in charge of establishing and growing the digital marketing team at one of India’s first e-commerce private labels.

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Bhavesh Jain

Followers- 10,687

Bhavesh Jain is associated with TransUnion Cibil Limited as a CRO, a seasoned Sales & Marketing professional with 18+ years of experience in some of India’s best BFSI brands. He has also an Extensive experience in strategic planning, operations, and a thorough understanding of the financial services industry. Skilled at selling ‘ROI’-based concepts to clients and creating a win-win situation. Capable of managing both B2B and B2C business. Exceptionally skilled at developing new lines of business and expanding existing ones. Budgeting and forecasting skills are required, as is alignment with business objectives. Well-versed in developing and implementing business strategies to meet revenue and sales targets. Oriented toward improved use of technology for improved customer experience. Proven track record of exceeding sales targets while remaining customer-focused. A successful networker who can form winning alliances with clients and stakeholders both internally and externally.

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Ruchira Karnik

Followers- 9,736

Ruchira Karnik is the Co-founder and CRO of Upgrad Work Better. Co-founded Work Better in 2008, and today it is one of the leading Corporate Training & Edtech firms specializing in Soft Skills, Sales & Behavior Training. With a passion to help professionals work better, we have grown from a humble start-up to a world-class organization. There work involves partnering with some of India’s largest organizations to develop people capabilities through Result Focused Learning initiatives. She is a seasoned professional who has served 20+ years in the revenue generating domain.

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Amrita Sirohia

Followers- 9,647 followers

Amrita Sirohia is a Co-Founder and CRO of INDmoney with over 18 years of wealth management leadership experience. mission at INDwealth is to build a national team of wealth managers who will use technology to provide transparent and unbiased holistic advice. She believes in “financial planning” and clear advice rather than just transactions. Throughout her career, She had managed Ultra HNI families and provided them with a 360-degree solution. Built and managed wealth teams from the ground up across multiple regions. She has served exceptionally and capable of forming and managing complex cross-functional teams.

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Amit Mande

Followers- 8,330

Amit Mande is associated with U Gro Capital as a CRO, He is a management professional with over 20 years of cross-functional consumer banking experience, specialising in Unsecured and Secured Assets. Worked with reputable multinational banks and Indian NBFCs such as Standard Chartered, ABN AMRO, Barclays, Capital First, Mswipe Technologies, and currently holds a leadership position at UGRO Capital.

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