“What it takes to be the next Cybersecurity Leader?” by Pulak Das, CIO, Divgi TorqTransfer Systems Ltd.

Here are a few pointers that should be considered on becoming the next Cybersecurity Leader at the current stage

1. A deep insight on attack vectors and behaviors – We are observing that there is continuous upgrade/enhancement in the modus operandi of the attackers, they are trying new forms of Attack Vectors, and hence their success probability increases. A Cyber Security Leader should understand these changing behavior and attack patterns and build defensive mechanisms to neutralize them.

2. In-depth knowledge of defense mechanisms – A leader should have an in-depth understanding of 365-degree defensive mechanisms to defend against all sorts of attacks that may come from any direction. It also includes insider threats which may have a higher probability. Have good vigilance and behavioral monitoring tools to quickly identify unusual activities.

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3. A strong willingness to fight back – A leader should have in-depth knowledge of the “Security Incident Response Mechanism” where EVERY SECOND counts to % the age of Damage caused. A detailed plan of quick actionable followed by regular MOCK drills for hands-on experience leads to suppression of identified threats within minimum time.

4. A good team leader to take along the army troops to counter attacks – Synergy, Synchronization, Quick Communication, Quick Decisions, Quick Action .etc are the basic requirement that each and every Response Team member should be trained on taken along during war scenarios. Every hand makes a significant impact in defeating the attack.

5. Prove capability and competency to fight this dynamically changing war – a. In-depth knowledge on continuously changing cyber crimes and their modus operandi b. Capability to handle emergency / critical situations, c. Safeguard the enterprise’s critical information assets and systems d. Be always successful in Safely bringing-out the Enterprise out of the crisis.

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