Trellix Cyber Conclave 2024: A Tale of Two Cities – Pune and Bangalore

The Trellix Cyber Conclave 2024 meetups in Pune and Bangalore were filled with thought-provoking discussions and unmatched industry experts’ insights. These meetups provided a platform for delegates to explore the evolving landscape of cybersecurity and discuss effective defense strategies.

Pune Meetup Highlights

In the Pune edition, Sadanand Patil, Senior Sales Engineer from Trellix presented an insightful session on “Defining and Achieving Effective Cyber Defense.” This session focused on Building Strong Defenses: Strategies for implementing proactive security measures, advanced frameworks, and responsive actions to effectively safeguard organizational assets and ensure data integrity.

Bangalore Meetup Highlights

After an exciting meetup in Pune, we made our way to Bangalore. In the Bangalore edition, Prasanth Pavan Eedupalli, Senior Sales Engineer from Trellix, led an enlightening session titled “Defining and Achieving Effective Cyber Defense.” The session covered several critical topics:

  • Evolving Cyber Threat Landscape: A deep dive into the current cyber threats and specific risks that organizations face.
  • Proven Security Best Practices: Insights into the best practices and technologies that can help mitigate these threats.
  • Real-World Case Studies: Success stories from industry professionals showcasing effective cybersecurity strategies.
  • Interactive Expert Sessions: Opportunities for delegates to engage with cybersecurity experts and address their specific concerns.

We sincerely thank all the delegates for sparing their valuable time to join us. The engagement with esteemed leaders in the field and the exchange of invaluable insights were truly enriching experience for us.

Both meetups showcased the power of collaboration and knowledge-sharing in the fight against cyber threats.

Looking Ahead! We are committed to empowering organizations and individuals to navigate cybersecurity confidently. Stay tuned for more exciting CXO Junction meetups!