Why immutable data storage is essential in IT Security Strategy for CISOs?

Data immutability is critical for optimal security. Implementing a comprehensive data security strategy that includes an immutable data storage solution is critical because it improves data resilience. Cyberattacks can never be stopped, but their effects can be mitigated to ensure critical business continuity.

The most important step for a company looking to protect itself from ransomware is to backup files on a regular basis and store them in an immutable storage solution. The most sophisticated attacks are capable of encrypting both files and recovery points. An immutable snapshot is a copy of your data that cannot be changed or deleted by ransomware or a user. Following data corruption or deletion, an organization can quickly recover data written to an immutable data storage solution. Users can recover their data on their own by browsing their files in Windows Explorer or Finder on a Mac. There is no need to restore data from the previous day’s backup; instead, users browse the files and select the data they want to restore.

Staying one step ahead of criminals

Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS) has recently grown in popularity. Anyone skilled in the Dark Web arts can use tried-and-true ransomware tools to launch attacks via a subscription-based model. Surprisingly, the authors of this malware receive a cut of each ransom payment. 

This raises the possibility of an attack to entirely new levels, which CISOs must consider when assessing data security. They must work harder to identify, deter, protect against, detect, and respond to these actions.

As discussed above, bringing immutable backups into play will be a massive advantage and this can be done by adding a crucial step to the 3-2-1 data protection strategy. Make it a 3-2-1-1 strategy where you have:

  • Three backup copies of your data
  • Two different media, such as disk and tape
  • With one of those copies located offsite for Disaster Recovery
  • The final one in this equation is immutable object storage

While immutable storage offers powerful protection against most ransomware threats, it is not a silver bullet. There is still the issue of exfiltration when hackers attempt to blackmail their victims for ransom by threatening to share their data publicly.

There are no tools or solutions that can protect businesses from every possible attack by a hacker; the CISO should collaborate closely with staff and partners to implement a wide range of mitigations. These could include comprehensive cybersecurity training for all employees to help them avoid the tricks and traps set by hackers. Multi-Factor Authentication is another method for making criminal infiltration more difficult.

It is also vital to ensure that customers, suppliers, and partners are not creating an opportunity for attack. These can be dealt with through physical security, background checks, safe recruitment, and other well-established tactics.


Attacks are on the rise. Because data is a huge source of revenue for hackers, businesses should be asking when, not if, they will become ransomware victims. Now is the time to revamp your information security strategy and incorporate a comprehensive approach to data security.

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